Peach Craft & Catering

It's quite simple, actually.  


We take care of your cast and crew with all of the standard services that come with hiring a reliable and robust craft services and catering company - things to eat, things to drink, stuff to write with, stuff to write on, and everything in between.

We partner with local vendors to supply fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure the best quality ingredients. With over 15 years of combined culinary experience, our chef’s are able to prepare a wide array of food from Asian to Southern and everything in between. We strive to deliver the best possible service to ensure a spectacular on set experience. 


We want your team to be happy so we also offer a variety of options for dietary and health requirements, too. We can work within your budget, provide what you require and do it all with excellent service.


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Craft Services



We are a full service Craft and Catering Company, We will customize your selections to meet your tastes and dietary needs. From partial-day to full-day, we can cover your shoot from beginning to end, with on-site assistance. We can provide daily and weekly menus so that there are different themes each day with freshly cooked and prepared snacks and meals. We aim to keep your crew full of energy with happy stomachs no matter where and when your event takes place. 

All Crafty packages included all-day coffee, water and sodas.