Full Service Craft And Catering

Peach Craft & Catering - An Event Food Trailer That Keeps Things Cooking At Our Base Camp Bistro Providing Catering and Craft Service

It is always convenient to know that there is a base camp production craft & catering service that is dedicated to providing great tasting food that will keep your staff, crew and talent healthy and happy while filming. Yes, great actors, creative directing and top filming equipment is essential for filming a great film, but you are going to need a base camp production craft service that is going to provide the food to keep everyone energized. That is why, when you are in need of full-service craft and catering around Atlanta, Peach Craft & Catering is there for you. We are not in it to win a Grammy. The team at Peach Craft & Catering is just there to provide you with base camp production craft service that you can count on with our event food trailer. Our food and service is definitely award-winning. 


As a full-service craft and catering service, Peach Craft & Catering specializes in custom dishes that are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Between our off and on-site commercial kitchens, we are able to provide a different flavor for each day of your productions. What makes our event food trailer great is that we are able to tailor our services to your catering needs. Similar to our craft services, we are able to customize any of our packages to the dietary needs of your crew and cast. Peach Craft & Catering offers large varieties of gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and keto items and are more than happy to accommodate any additional requests as well. As always, our food trailer is available to be on site cooking up your crews favorite foods hot off the grill.


Peach Craft & Catering provides early morning, midday as well as late night selection tables to keep the staff and crew happy and satisfied throughout the working day. All of our hot and cold entrées are prepared on site from the event food trailer so we are able to cater to special dietary needs to accommodate any and all dietary restrictions. All packages also include hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes, tissue, paper towels etc. to ensure a clean environment. With the help of our professional dependable staff, we are able to keep your crew energized and focused throughout the day.

When it comes to a full-service craft and catering service that serves Atlanta, and other surrounding areas, it doesn’t get any better than Peach Craft & Catering. Give us a call to learn more about our full-service craft and catering service. There is always someone who will be happy to answer any of your questions. Or you can learn more about Peach Craft & Catering at www.thepeachcraft.com/