Union Productions

Peach Craft & Catering

 Services for Union Productions and Non-Union Productions around Metro-Atlanta and beyond.

If you are in need of craft & catering services for union productions or non-union productions, contact Peach Craft & Catering. We are known for providing delicious food for your staff and crew throughout filming. They cook up a variety of hot and cold entrees that are prepared on site so that your entire crew stays healthy and happy. From sushi, Italian food to Indian food, the staff at Peach Craft can serve you up delicacies that meet your dietary needs and restrictions. They also offer large varieties of gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and keto items and are more than happy to accommodate any additional requests as well. 


Around Atlanta, they are a well-renowned company providing great craft services. At Peach Craft & Catering they make your satisfaction their number one priority. That is why so many of the union productions and non-union productions that they have worked with over the years continue to turn to them for craft services. They are a business truly be their values. They believe in offering our customers the best services and approach their business as an art. Therefore, not only do they make cuisines to cater to your specific needs but they do so with the highest level of standards in mind. 


Therefore, if you are in need of craft services for union productions or non-union productions, feel free to Peach Craft & Catering today to learn more about their services, packages or talk to them about your craft services needs. Or you can check them out at www.thepeachcraft.com/